Buckobero Community Health Centre

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Road building for the health center.

Why support this clinic?

There are many, many worthy projects in this world and much need.  Why support this one? 

Because the need is great and the community is committed. The idea and leadership for this clinic came not from an outsider, but from the community itself.

The CBO is also preparing for the sustainable future of this health center. It knows that it is one thing to build a clinic, but another to keep it running. 

Income-generating activities to help support the clinic in the future are being investigated. Bee keeping, a coffee cooperative, and an insurance program are some ideas, among others.

How you can help

We are always looking for professionals who are would like to volunteer their time to help us with graphic design, social media, marketing, fundraising, events, and more. 

  • Invite us – We have speakers available in Seattle area and are happy to consider sending speakers to other locations for larger events.
  • Host an event – Invite people to an informal gathering to share the story and build support. We’ll create a memorable event, including a PowerPoint presentation or video, handouts, and more.
  • Get your group involved – Speak to your professional society, civic organization, place of worship, study group, or school. We would be happy to give a presentation.

We are raising money to make this health center a reality in Uganda. Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated and will make a difference!

Proudly holding the health center plans

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