Buckobero Community Health Centre


Help Build the Health Centre

$200,000 is needed to make the Bukobero Health Centre a reality. This money will build, equip, and provide operating expenses for one year. After one year, operating expenses will come from the Ugandan government and the income generating activities of the CBO.

Donations of any amount will help us reach this goal. 

Examples of what your gift can do:

Blanket (16 needed)$15
Mattress (8 needed)$30
Baby weighing scale$90
Delivery bed (2 needed)$450
Vaccine refrigerator$480
Beds and equipment for wards$1,500
Nurse/midwife salary for one year (6 needed)$3,600
Laboratory equipment$3,710
Water system, including tank, etc. $4,000
Solar system$20,000
Construction materials$30,000

Please donate by clicking the “Donate” button.

This button will take you to the Fountain of Life Foundation’s (FOL) website. The FOL is our fiscal sponsor and a tax-exempt private organization.  

Below are the two steps on how to donate to the Bukobero Community Health Centre via the FOL website. 

Step 1

Once you have clicked the button above and are on the Fountain of Life’s website, click on “Help Fund Our Projects”.

Step 2

Select “Bukobero Community Health Centre Project”. 

Thank you for your support!

5% of donations will go to Fountain of Life Foundation administrative costs. 

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