It is so exciting to share this news - the health center site has been cleared and graded!

Next Steps

January 2022 will be a busy month. David Wamuwaya, our future clinic director, will be the Project Coordinator for the next six months as we move ahead with construction. He will be BUSY! Here is some of what is happening:

  • The water system will be installed.
  • Drawings and blueprints finalized.
  • Permits obtained.
  • Construction started!

David and Lillian Namugaya, our consultant from Construction for Change, have also walked, staked, and taken GPS coordinates for the water pipeline. The photo below shows the placement of the pipeline starting from the spring above the health center.

Our system is designed to benefit the surrounding community as well as the health center. The water will be piped to keep it clean, but taps available for community access.


As we move forward and this health center becomes a reality we are so grateful for all the support we have been given, in the United States and in Uganda. This truly is a community health center.

Folks in Uganda who may not be able to give money have given time and assistance. Professionals have lowered their fees, the local government has facilitated timely site visits, the local Rotary club has jumped in to help organizationally, and much more. And, our supporters in the United States have generously shared their financial resources.

We humbly thank everyone.  Sheila