So much to report from Bukobero!

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to share the progress of the Uganda Bukobero team! Despite the pandemic, the team has moved forward tremendously on the health center plans.

After weeks of nail-biting planning (Uganda is still in a partial lock-down), I was able to travel this past July and meet the team in Mbale. Wayne Chang, our construction consultant, was also able to fly in from Ethiopia where he had just completed a placement with Doctors without Borders. Talk about timing!

Present were Simon Ochen, our structural engineer, Tom Orech, our architect, Wayne Chang, Lillian Namugaya, architect, David Wamuwaya, future Clinic Director, myself, and our onsite coordinator and general wizard at getting things done, Fred Peter Musaka Maira, Secretary of the CBO. Together we:

  • Redesigned the building so it will have a covered, open-air second floor for vaccination clinics and health education.
  • Found a clean, stream-fed water source – no need to drill a well!
  • Completed site-planning, made arrangements for soil testing, plus more.

We expect to grade the site in the next two weeks, complete the foundation by the end of October 2021, and begin construction of the facility after the rainy season, in January or February 2022. Look for updated drawings in the next communication!


Part of the Bukobero team at work!

New Partner and Fundraising update

We have a new partner, Construction for Change (CfC), based in Seattle, WA. CfC is a nonprofit, construction management organization that works in East Africa. They will provide independent oversight of our construction to verify that donor money is being well spent. We are excited to have them on board.

Thanks to you, we have almost reached our fundraising goal of $100,000! Donations total $91,064, but we have received a pledge of $7,500 from a supporter which brings our grand total to $98,564!!!

Our estimate for construction of the building is $100,000. So we feel confident in moving ahead. Next year we will tackle fundraising for equipment, supplies, and furniture.

As I think about how much we have accomplished in the last three years, I am filled with wonder and gratitude for all the support we have gotten and the amazing people I have gotten to know and work with. Thank you, Sheila