Dear Friends

First, thank you for all your support. There is great news coming from the Bukobero Community and the planned health center. Despite Covid-19, much is going on and I’m excited to share the highlights:

  • We were recently awarded our first Rotary grant to support training by our new partner, Friendly Water for the World (FW)FW makes long-term commitments to communities. Click on their name to learn more about this great organization.
  • A business cooperative has been started by the Bukobero Community Health Center CBO to support income generating projects. Honey production, the first enterprise, has begun. They are starting with 10 hives and a goal of 100!
  • Our own Fred Peter Musaka Maira, the Bukobero Secretary, was asked to present at Save for Health Uganda’s 5th annual  conference on health financing.
  • We have a new team member, Teresa Walker, PE! Teresa is a Civil Engineer with a specialty in drinking water systems. She will be coordinating our well construction.

Local hives are made from hollowed out logs then placed in agricultural areas, such as this banana grove, to help with pollination. Ten groups of women and girls will receive the first hives. As the project progresses, the bee keepers will learn to make value-added products from the beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly. etc.

What’s the most exciting news?

WE HAVE RAISED OVER $40,000 for construction of the health center! And, because of donor commitments, we expect to reach $70,000 by March, 2021!

This generosity has allowed us to set an ambitious goal of starting construction on the health center in summer 2021. But we need your help to meet this goal. Construction of the main building will cost approximately $100,000. To meet the start date, we need to raise an additional $30,000.

Can you help? Every donation will contribute to bringing health care to the Bukobero community. And, the community has pledged to contribute 5% of the construction costs! Their contributions will come through agricultural sales, donations of local materials, and labor.

Donate and Mask Up! As a health organization, we want people to be safe and for every $250 donation, as small thank you, we will send you an African fabric mask, made from imported Ugandan fabric. Hopefully, by this time next year, masks won’t be needed, so why not go out in style? See our fabrics below.

Here are just some of the fabrics to choose from in our “Donate and Mask Up Campaign”.

When you make a $250 
(or more!) donation, we will send a photo of the masks available and you can choose the one you like. Each mask is two layers and 100% cotton. Want masks for the whole family? With some fabrics we can make them!

Make your donation now, while the best choice is still available!

Please help us move the thermometer!

With your generous donation now, we can begin planning for our summer 2012 groundbreaking.

Thank you for all your support!