September 2019

Dear Friends,

There is much to tell you about our progress towards building the Bukobero Community Health Centre. But, first, thank you to all of you who have donated towards this goal. Each and every dollar gets us closer. Your support means so much. 

What's been happening?

  • In August, we submitted an application to Engineers without Borders USA to be considered for their International Community Program. This was a long application that the team in Uganda worked on for over a month. We will hear in the next six to eight weeks if we are successful.
  • In September, we submitted an application to Bees Abroad, a UK-based organization that teaches modern beekeeping to low-income communities. Bee keeping is the first project in a long-term plan for the clinic’s sustainability. A cooperative is being initiated to sponsor projects that will increase livelihoods and help support the clinic. A five-year plan for the Bukobero Bee Keeping and Forestry Project has been developed.
  • By October our website will be updated with new videos and content. You will be able to meet and hear some of the team members in Uganda!  Check it out!

What's Coming up?

  • This fall, the design of the solar system will be completed. The design is being done by Kilowatts for Humanity a Seattle-based non-profit that focuses on ending energy poverty. KWH has been working hard modeling the energy needs for the clinic based on projected consumption, latitude and longitude, and many other things.  Thank you, Kilowatts for Humanity!
  • We have been contacted by Rotary and are looking forward to making a presentation this October. We also continue to seek out other partners.
  • In February 2020, I will be traveling to Uganda to visit with the team and introduce them to Dr. Paul Eun, Executive Director of the Fountain of Life Foundation, our fiscal sponsor. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and to sharing this wonderful project!

It has been a pleasure to share our progress with you. Thank you to everyone for joining me on this journey.


Your gift means health!

Every donation will bring much needed health care and health education to a community that has struggled without it for ten years. The team in Uganda is so appreciative of your support.

If you have been considering becoming a supporter, please consider a donation now. Our goal is $25,000 and we are getting close! A donation of any amount will help. A gift of only $10 will purchase 30 bricks! You can donate through our Go Fund Me campaign, or click the button below.

If you have already made a gift, THANK YOU from me and everyone in Uganda!