Be part of a new approach to health care in Uganda.

Our reason for being

The people of the Bukobero community, in the Bududa District of eastern Uganda, have asked for help in building a new, much needed Health Center III. It will replace one destroyed by a mudslide in 2010.

For years people of this community have had to walk miles to reach health services or use their limited resources to pay for transportation. Sometimes they don’t or can’t make it and illnesses go untreated and babies are delivered alongside the road.

A Health Center III can provide critically needed maternity care, including deliveries, plus primary care, laboratory services, and much more!

Children, like Elizabeth Habuya, will finally have local health services so they can continue to grow into healthy, productive adults.

Elizabeth Habuya
Meeting of the CBO team

What is being done?

The Bukobero community has been organizing for over a year to turn their dream into reality.

A Ugandan non-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) has been incorporated as a governing body. And an active community-engagement process has been taking place in the local villages and trading centers.

Land has been purchased out of the slide zone, building plans have been drawn, and land clearing begun. Organizational and management structures are in place.

The CBO management team has been meeting with local and district level government agencies to assure compliance with all regulations.

Why is this health centre different?

Because it will be owned and operated by the community it serves.

In Uganda, most clinics are owned by either the government, non-governmental organizations, or are private for profit[1]. It is rare to have a community operate its own health centre.

The facility will also incorporate innovations not often seen in rural clinics, such as electronic record keeping. And sustainability is being built into the plans with income generating businesses being developed to support the clinic.

The community’s commitment is strong. And they are looking to the future.

[1] Uganda Health Facilities Inventory, 2012

Drawing of the future health centre

The Need

Many children in Bukobero suffer needlessly from easily preventable childhood diseases, such as Gift Namasopo, who has rickets.

Rickets is commonly caused by a nutritional deficiency, primarily calcium or vitamin D. When bones lack these minerals, they become soft. It can easily be treated but there has been no local clinic for Gift’s parents to seek advice.

Now, with the Bukobero Community Health Centre, Gift and other children like her can receive the treatment they need.

                  You can help!

Gift Namasopo