Buckobero Community Health Centre

Be part of a new approach to health care in Uganda.

Our reason for being

The people of Buwaali Sub-County in the Bududa District of southeast Uganda have asked for help in building a much needed new, community-owned Health Center III to replace the one destroyed by a mudslide in 2010.

Besides Buwaali Sub County, it will also serve its four surrounding sub-counties, with a total population of approximately 80,000 people.

Elizabeth Habuya

Why is this health center different?

Because it will be owned and operated by the community it serves. The community has been organizing for over a year to turn this dream into reality. Their commitment is strong.

Land has been purchased, plans have been drawn, and land clearing begun. Outreach to the local population is taking place.

The health center Community Based Organization has been meeting with government agencies to assure compliance with all regulations.

The Bududa District

The Bududa District (Bududa) in eastern Uganda is a world apart. Located in the foothills of Mt. Elgon, it is a misty, remote area known for its Arabica coffee. 

Despite its beauty, Bududa is one of the poorest regions in Uganda and health services are critically needed.

The Need

Currently, there are only two health clinics serving this entire five sub county area. And, only one of those is a Health Center III, which can provide maternity services.

People must walk miles through hills with elevations up to 5,900 feet to access basic health services.

Easily preventable childhood diseases, such as rickets, go untreated.

Gift Namasopo is suffering from rickets

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